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  EL-GFX-DTP Dual channel temperature probe measurement range -40 to +125C

Photo of N/A EL-GFX-DTP Dual channel temperature probe measurement range -40 to +125C
Stock code EL-GFX-DTP
Size: -40 to +125C (-40 to +257F)   


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GFX-DTP Dual channel temperature probe measurement range -40 to +125°C

  • Dual channel temperature probe measurement range -40 to +125°C (-40 to +257°F) 
  • Stores over 250,000 readings per channel
  • On screen menu and graphing to start, stop, review and restart the logger in the field
  • Micro USB interface for PC based set-up and data download
  • User-programmable alarm threshold

Product Details

This standalone USB data logger measures and stores over 250,000 temperature readings from two thermistor probes over a -40 to +125°C (-40 to +257°F) range at a resolution of 0.1ºC.

Using the Windows control software (available as a free download from the user can quickly set up the logger name, sample rate, alarm settings and start mode (immediate start, push to start, delayed start or temperature triggered start). This software can later be used to download the stored data which can be graphed, printed and exported to other applications.

The data logger features a dot-matrix LCD and three face-buttons to navigate through an on-screen menu. This menu provides the user with access to real-time trend analysis, data summaries and the ability to start, stop and restart the data logger without the need to connect the data logger to the host-PC. Users can reset the maximum/minimum reading using the on-screen menu; this introduces an ‘event marker’ into the data which can later be viewed in the graphing software (‘Mark Events’ option) and the data file after download.

The data logger is supplied with two replaceable ½AA batteries.


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