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  Daikin Floor/Ceiling Mounted FLXS50B Inverter 5.0kW with RXS50L

Photo of N/A Daikin Floor/Ceiling Mounted FLXS50B Inverter 5.0kW with RXS50L
Stock code FLXS50B
Size: 5.0kW   

£1490.00Per System

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Daikin Floor/Ceiling Mounted FLXS50B Inverter 5.0kW

  • Can fit on either ceiling or lower wall; its low height enables the unit to fit beneath a window
  • Home leave operation maintains the indoor temperature at your specified comfort level during absence, thus saving energy
  • Night set mode saves energy by preventing overcooling or overheating during night time
  • Vertical auto swing moves the discharge flaps up and down for efficient air and temperature distribution throughout the room
  • Online controller (optional): control your indoor unit from any location via smartphone, laptop, pc, tablet or touch screen
  • Whisper quiet operation: down to 28dBA sound pressure level
  • Outdoor units for pair application
  • Daikin outdoor units are neat, sturdy and can easily be mounted on a roof or terrace or simply placed against an outside wall
  • Outdoor unit silent operation: "silent" button on the remote control lowers the operation sound of the outdoor unit by 3dBA to ensure a quiet environment for the neighbourhood.
  • Outdoor units are fitted with a swing compressor, renowned for its low noise and high energy efficiency
  • Anti-corrosion treated outdoor heat exchanger fin


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