Sauermann Delta Pack – Condensate Pump kit 80 X 60 Trunking Elbow

Sauermann Delta Pack – Condensate Pump kit 80 X 60 Trunking Elbow

£129.99 Excluding VAT


  • Elbow design that can be easily opened by a simple finger push, no tool is needed.
  • Its streamlined design complements wall mounted air conditioning units perfectly with the product available in pure white.
  • Compact elbow and trunking design that can be easily opened and maintained.
  • No connection piece connecting the elbow and straight length of duct.
  • Improved internal space design with increased space for pipework.

Sauermann Part Number: DP10CE05UN23

The DP10CE05UN23 is a comprehensive kit specifically designed for wall-mounted air conditioning units. It features a new elbow design that can be effortlessly opened by hand with a simple finger push—no tools required. Additionally, it includes the Si-10 UNIVERSL pump, which incorporates cutting-edge piston pump technology.

The streamlined design of the new Delta Pack complements wall-mounted air conditioning units, providing a seamless aesthetic. With a low sound level and high resistance to pollution from the general environment, this kit ensures optimal performance and longevity for your air conditioning system.

Easy Installation and Maintenance:

  • Incorporates a new quick-fit and release corner piece, eliminating the need for tools.
  • Features a one-piece pump for effortless installation.
  • Kit contents offer installation versatility to meet various in-the-field requirements.
  • Includes a transparent and removable reservoir for easy maintenance.
  • Equipped with translucent hose for easy tracking of water flow and buildup.
  • Features a protection film on both the trunking and the elbow, preventing dirt accumulation during installation.

Quiet Operation:

  • Independently tested to produce only 22 dBA at full power.
  • Elbow includes ‘High Energy Absorbing Foam’ to absorb vibration and reduce sound.
  • Anti-vibration and condensate insulation are included on the discharge line.

Improved Design:

  • Compact elbow and trunking design for easy access and maintenance.
  • Eliminates the need for a connection piece between the elbow and straight length of duct.
  • Improved internal space design provides increased space for pipework.
  • Available in two colors: Brilliant white (RAL 9003) and off-white (RAL 9001).

Proven Reliability:

  • Utilizes patented pump technology for superior performance.
  • Capable of pumping biofilm (particles up to 2mm) without the need for a filter.
  • Boasts a high flow rate of up to 20 liters per hour, resulting in less run time.
  • The Drain Safe Device extends the pump’s lifespan.
  • Features a lockable plug-in power cable to prevent unintended disconnection.