RIELLO Air to Water Monoblock Heat Pump System (R32)

RIELLO Air to Water Monoblock Heat Pump System (R32)

£3,450.00£6,710.00 Excluding VAT

NXHM represents a high-efficiency solution for residential heating and cooling needs, offering the added benefit of domestic hot water production.

Operating with the environmentally conscious R32 refrigerant, NXHM ensures not only low global warming potential (GWP) and minimal CO2 emissions but also maintains optimal energy efficiency across its operational range.

Enhanced with specialized hydrophilic and anti-corrosion Blue-Fin treated exchange coils, NXHM minimizes the risk of coil freezing by improving condensate drainage, ensuring maximum efficiency even in humid climates.

Available in 10 different models with heating capacities ranging from 4.2 to 15.9 kW, NXHM incorporates a twin rotary compressor featuring DC inverter technology, dynamically adjusting output to match real-time demands.

With high COP and EER values meeting rigorous energy efficiency standards, all NXHM heat pumps are certified by the esteemed third-party body HP Keymark.

These units are adaptable to various systems including low-temperature radiators, radiant floor elements, and fan coil units, offering water heating temperatures of up to +65°C.

Installation is hassle-free, accompanied by minimal unit noise, while a wired control panel is included for comprehensive management of heating, cooling, and domestic hot water systems. Additionally, the control panel facilitates connectivity of up to 6 units in a cascade format, ensuring seamless operation across different output levels.

To safeguard against freezing temperatures, NXHM includes anti-freeze protection as a standard feature, particularly crucial for protecting hydraulic components.