RAV-RM**MUT-E Cassette Type Inverter Split System Compact

RAV-RM**MUT-E Cassette Type Inverter Split System Compact

£1,367.00£1,599.94 Excluding VAT

Introducing the R32 RAV Digital Inverter Compact 4-Way Cassette, a cutting-edge solution designed for seamless integration into standard 600 x 600mm grid ceilings, ensuring easy installation and maintenance. The unobtrusive and flexible design allows it to effortlessly harmonize with any room interior.

Specifically crafted for small commercial applications demanding efficiency within a compact form, this cassette unit combines high performance with minimal energy consumption, resulting in reduced operational costs. Its sleek flat panel design is tailored for a perfect fit in grid ceilings.

Key Features:

  • Compatibility with Digital Inverter Outdoor & Super Digital Inverter Outdoor units
  • Compact thin chassis measuring 575 x 575mm
  • Designed to fit within the T-bar of the ceiling grid: 620 x 620mm
  • Individual louver control for personalized air distribution
  • 5-step air flow control for optimal comfort
  • Optional wireless remote controller receiver seamlessly fits into the ceiling panel corner pocket
  • Optional occupancy sensor automatically adjusts between standby mode, operation, and stop operation based on human presence, enhancing energy efficiency
  • Lightweight and easily installable
  • Sleek flat panel design with a depth of 12mm for an inconspicuous installation
  • Removable corner pockets for convenient access
  • Infra-red and wired control options available
  • Detachable louvre and grille for easy cleaning
  • Flexibility to be used in single, twin, triple, or quad combinations with various light commercial outdoor units
  • Simultaneous operation of identical indoor units in the same room with a single group controller
  • Branch kit required for triple combinations; optional for twin and quad combinations
  • Suitable for ‘replacement technology,’ enabling the reuse of existing R410A, R22, or R407C pipework.

In summary, the R32 RAV Digital Inverter Compact 4-Way Cassette is a versatile, energy-efficient, and aesthetically pleasing solution designed to meet the demands of small commercial spaces while ensuring ease of installation and maintenance.