MeacoCool MC Series 14000

MeacoCool MC Series 14000

£390.99£423.58 Excluding VAT

This item will be unavailable for purchase until the summer of 2024.

Experience enhanced cooling with minimal noise! Our largest portable air conditioner operates at the noise level comparable to smaller units, yet delivers superior cooling performance, providing you with the ultimate comfort.

Ideal for rooms sized between 25-35m² Dehumidifies the air while cooling for added comfort Utilizes new environmentally friendly R290 refrigerant Energy-efficient with an A energy rating Comes with a two-year warranty

Receive a complimentary flexible window kit valued at £19.99 with your purchase.


The MeacoCool MC Series 14000 is crafted specifically to cater to larger spaces in homes and offices throughout the UK.

Remarkably, this air conditioner operates at noise levels akin to much smaller units, ensuring exceptional cooling without adding to the ambient noise in your living space. By dehumidifying the air while cooling, it eliminates the sticky, humid sensation often associated with hot weather, leaving your rooms cool and comfortably dry.

How does this air conditioner function?

The MeacoCool range of air conditioners functions by drawing hot, humid air from your room across a cold surface. This surface cools and dehumidifies the air simultaneously, with the resultant cold air expelled from the front of the portable unit while warm air exits via an exhaust duct. This process reduces the room’s relative humidity, minimizing the discomfort often experienced during summer.

Assisting your comfort:

We integrate various features into all our products to simplify your life and ensure the unit is genuinely practical.

That’s why we’ve engineered the MeacoCool range to be as lightweight and compact as possible—even for our largest models—making them versatile for use in all your rooms and spaces.

We’ve included a remote control for convenient adjustment of settings without the need to physically interact with the unit. Additionally, the availability of two different window kits enhances cooling efficiency. Furthermore, at low fan speed, the sound pressure level of 53 dB ensures minimal disturbance.

To optimize the air conditioner’s performance, pre-cool your room using the timer function, preventing overcooling and unnecessary energy consumption.

Lastly, the sleep mode maintains low fan speed, ensuring minimal noise during the night. This feature can be synchronized with the timer to avoid waking up cold.

What’s the feedback from reviewers?

‘If you’re in the market for a highly efficient portable air conditioning unit that won’t break the bank, then the MeacoCool MC Series 14000 is an excellent choice… Great value.’ – T3

‘Stepping back into the air-conditioned room felt like stepping out of a sauna. The room instantly felt cold, providing a welcome relief from the scorching heat in the office.’ – The Independent

Window kit options:

The MeacoCool is supplied with two window kit options: the standard kit suitable for sash windows and the flexible kit compatible with all window types.

The included window kit measures 170cm, so if you’re covering a sliding door, there may be a small gap at the top. Alternatively, you can purchase a flexible door window kit.

The MeacoCool comes with a 1.8m duct, suitable for most installations. However, if you require a longer duct, a 2m option is available for purchase (ducts cannot exceed 2m due to overheating concerns).


All Meaco products come with a two-year parts and labour warranty, with the option to extend it to five years.


A return charge of £50 applies to refunds for non-faulty air conditioner returns within 14 days of delivery.