Meaco Wall Ultra Quiet Wall Mounted Dehumidifier

Meaco Wall Ultra Quiet Wall Mounted Dehumidifier

£1,124.98£1,426.18 Excluding VAT

Quiet, wall-mounted commercial dehumidifier

Many commercial operations need a dehumidifier but don’t want a standing unit because of health and safety risks. That’s why we’ve developed the wall-mounted MeacoWall, a sleek unit that’s just 220mm deep and fits securely to your wall for efficient and quiet operation.

MeacoWall products can be used in any commercial or industrial application where keeping the environment dry is important. Customers use this range of dehumidifiers in:

  • Archives and museums
  • Commercial indoor swimming pools
  • Gyms and exercise rooms
  • Drying rooms
  • Factory production areas
  • Data centres
  • Timber and other storage
  • Pump stations


If you have an indoor swimming pool or hot tub, but you are unsure which size dehumidifier you require, you can fill out our form and our expert team will be able to advise you. Click here to fill out the form.

Installation is straightforward – just fix the enclosed wall mounting bracket to the wall and then hang the dehumidifier on the bracket. Water can be drained from either the back left or the back right via a 16mm diameter hose, which is supplied with the unit.

The latest in dehumidifier technology

The MeacoWall range incorporates the very latest technology, using a DC Motor to ensure quieter and more energy-efficient running. At just 220mm deep the MeacoWall takes up a lot less space than other wall mounted dehumidifiers, helping to keep your facility safer operationally.

The unit can extract 53 75 or 95 litres of moisture per day depending on the model and extraction rates are excellent right down to 10°C.


Like all Meaco products, the MeacoWall  comes with a two-year parts and labour warranty.