Meaco 50Lm-v2 Building Dryer

Meaco 50Lm-v2 Building Dryer

£488.74 Excluding VAT

Commercial building dryer with a strong metal housing and large rear wheels for easy manoeuvrability

  • Suitable for drying out fresh plaster or a space after a flood
  • For use in industrial drying applications
  • Perfect for companies who wants a dehumidifier for their hire fleet
  • Two year parts and labour warranty

Ideal for situations requiring a powerful dehumidifier without breaking the bank:

  • Perfect for industrial drying applications
  • Suitable for post-flood space drying
  • Rental option for commercial fleets
  • Equipped with an internal bucket for easy emptying
  • Metal construction suitable for commercial drying needs
  • Extracts up to 50 liters of water per day at 30°C and 80% relative humidity
  • Compact design at only 892mm high
  • Includes a drainage hose for convenient disposal

Introducing the new Meaco 50Lm-v2 building dryer, engineered for demanding environments where robust moisture reduction is essential. This commercial dehumidifier effectively lowers air moisture levels to decrease relative humidity and facilitate the drying process for buildings or stored goods.

Powered by a rotary compressor, the Meaco 50Lm-v2 efficiently extracts up to 50 liters of water per day, dependent on room conditions. Users can opt for water collection via the built-in tank or continuous drainage using a hose.

With a user-friendly control panel, setup is quick and hassle-free, making it ideal for various applications such as flood or fire restoration, building drying, product storage, or commercial use.

Why choose the Meaco 50L Building Dryer:

  • Sturdy metal casing ensures durability
  • Removable handles for added convenience
  • Hot gas defrost feature enables low-temperature operation

Backed by a two-year parts and labor warranty, the Meaco 50Lm-v2 offers reliability and peace of mind for your drying needs.