LG Therma V R32 Monobloc S

LG Therma V R32 Monobloc S

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The LG THERMA V Monobloc represents a fully integrated equipment solution, combining both indoor and outdoor units into a single module. This eliminates the need for refrigerant piping work, as the Monobloc unit located outside is connected solely by water piping. Additionally, all essential water side components, including PHE, Expansion Tank, and Water Pump, are seamlessly incorporated into the outdoor unit.

The introduction of the new R32 unit brings enhanced capacity due to the choice of refrigerant, coupled with a lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) in comparison to R410a.

The latest model boasts a 5 to 6dB reduction in sound power level compared to previous versions and introduces several additional features. These include a new type scroll compressor, crafted by LG Electronics with wet vapour injection. The unit excels in performance even at low ambient temperatures, achieving 100% efficiency at -7°C.

LG units prioritize faster response times for heating and cooling through advanced sensing mechanisms that consider both temperature and pressure. A pressure control sensor ensures a quicker and more accurate response, significantly reducing the time delay for implementing heating or cooling commands. The addition of pressure control enables the Therma V Monobloc to reach desired temperatures up to 30% faster in cooling and 44% faster in heating, maintaining a high level of accuracy and stability.

New Scroll Type Compressor

The new Monobloc units feature an innovative Scroll Type Compressor, exhibiting a 7% improvement in seasonal efficiency over the previous rotary compressor. This compressor combines the efficiency and low noise characteristics of a scroll compressor with the stable compressing structure of a rotary compressor in a single unit. Leveraging benefits from both compressor types, LG’s Scroll Type compressor is optimized for various cooling and heat load operations, ensuring efficiency increases and improved comfort. The new compressor also incorporates LG’s wet vapour injection technology to efficiently control the high discharge temperature, expanding the heating operation range and enhancing performance at low ambient temperatures.

Black Fin Coating

Heat exchangers in the Monobloc units are coated with LG’s Ocean Black Fin epoxy resin coating, designed to excel in corrosive environments such as contaminated or humid conditions. This coating ensures a longer lifespan, lower operational costs, and enhanced system reliability.

New Intuitive Controller

Featuring a 4.3-inch colored LCD display, the new controller provides a premium appearance with a user-friendly interface. Displaying simple graphics, icons, and text, the intuitive control eliminates the need for a manual, offering a seamless user experience.