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Why Choose a Dehumidifier?

Every year, significant costs accrue due to inflated building maintenance expenses and damaged inventory caused by dampness. EIPL dehumidifiers offer effective solutions to environmental control challenges. Excess humidity within your premises leads to corrosion, mould growth, and condensation. Installing an EIPL dehumidifier helps maintain controlled humidity conditions, offering protection for larger commercial areas and buildings.

Why Choose EIPL?

EIPL stands as Europe’s premier manufacturer of dehumidifiers, offering a name you can trust. Regardless of extreme conditions, EIPL’s efficiency comfortably copes, even in the coldest temperatures. All units feature a humidistat, allowing you to select the desired dryness level to minimize operational costs and prevent over-drying.

Introducing CD30

Designed for humidity control in smaller areas, the CD30 is a compact unit capable of extracting up to 10 litres of moisture in 24 hours. Like all EIPL dehumidifiers, the CD30 is built to last, featuring a robust zinc-coated steel shell. This unit excels in tackling challenging conditions, making it ideal for safeguarding cars, tools, and machinery. The CD30 is freestanding and can be optionally equipped with a bracket for wall mounting. Requiring no elaborate installation, the CD30 is easy to operate—simply position it, switch it on, and let it efficiently perform its task.

Part Number
Height (mm) 300
Width (mm) 304
Depth (mm) 550
Weight(kgs) 23
Voltage 230
Phase 1
Frequency(Hz) 50
Power(kW) 0.36
Current(A) 2
Airflow(m3/hr) 150
Noise Level(dba) 50
Effective Volume(m3) 85
Typical Extraction(l/d) 10
Min Operating Temp (°C) 3
Max Operating Temp (°C) 35