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Choose an EIPL Dehumidifier

When it comes to fast, reliable, and energy-efficient drying solutions, look no further than EIP Ltd (Ebac Industrial Products Ltd). Whether you’re engaged in new building construction, renovating existing structures, or addressing special circumstances like flooding, EIP Ltd offers the quickest, most reliable, and cost-effective method to reduce moisture without risking damage to building materials. Consider the alternatives – natural drying may eventually get the job done, but EIP Ltd Building Dryers significantly cut down drying times by two-thirds. While alternative methods, such as wasteful heating and venting, are possible, the associated costs must be carefully weighed.

Inside the dehumidifier, air is drawn in by a fan, and moisture is condensed and either piped away or collected in a container. The dry air, heated with the energy recovered during the drying phase, is then returned to the room, reducing the air’s relative humidity and enhancing its capacity to absorb more moisture from surrounding surfaces. EIP Ltd, Europe’s leading manufacturer, has supplied building dryers to plant hire shops for over thirty years, earning a reputation for reliability and efficiency.

Reliable Performance

EIP Ltd ensures efficient operation even under extreme conditions. The units operate economically even on the coldest winter days, and in severe damp conditions, the BD150 can extract up to 60 liters of water from the atmosphere within 24 hours. The dryers are designed to withstand demanding site conditions, making them an excellent investment for long-term use, earning you money year after year.

Operational Simplicity

The EIP Ltd range offers simplicity of operation as a major benefit. To dry any building, simply ensure all doors and windows are closed, move the unit to a convenient location, connect it to the power supply, and press the start button. Condensate drainage is equally straightforward – connect a hose to the drainage spout leading to a drain or place a container under the spout.

Rugged Construction – Years Of Service

With over thirty-seven years of development experience, the EIP Ltd range stands out for its peak performance, efficiency, and durability. Every machine is crafted for efficiency and built to last, with heavy-duty welded steel construction ensuring reliability and portability, as attested by the popularity of EIP Ltd Dryers in the plant hire trade.

A Versatile Product

EIP Ltd Building Dryers are designed to provide effective solutions in various circumstances. In newly built or partially completed buildings, these dryers facilitate controlled drying of interior plaster, screeds, and timberwork. This enables decorators to work systematically and stick to schedules, irrespective of weather conditions.

Part Number
1021800 1021900
BD150 DV BD150 SV
Height (mm) 915 915
Width (mm) 610 610
Depth (mm) 692 692
Weight(kgs) 80 75
Voltage 110/230 230
Phase 1 1
Frequency(Hz) 50 50
Power(kW) 1.5 1.5
Current(A) 16/8 8
Airflow(m3/hr) 510 510
Noise Level(dba) 73 73
Effective Volume(m3) 300 300
Typical Extraction(l/d) 30 30
Min Operating Temp (°C) 3 3
Max Operating Temp (°C) 35 35