Ebac 3000 Series

Ebac 3000 Series

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Experience the Superiority of Smart Control

Smart Control surpasses traditional humidistats in sophistication. By continuously monitoring the moisture levels in your home, it adeptly regulates the dehumidifier to proactively prevent dampness and condensation.

A Revolutionary Advancement in Dehumidifier Control Systems for the 21st Century

Smart Control revolutionizes dehumidifier control systems by autonomously gauging and memorizing the humidity levels in your home. It seamlessly activates the dehumidifier as soon as humidity levels begin to ascend and deactivates it when the humidity levels recede.

More than 100,000 Ebac customers have embraced the transition to Smart Control.

In the past, humidistats were the sole method of dehumidifier control until the advent of Ebac’s Smart Control. Today, customers overwhelmingly prefer the automated efficiency of Smart Control over traditional humidistat-controlled dehumidifiers.

Simplify with a Single Touch and Let Smart Control Take Charge

Experience unparalleled convenience with Smart Control, eliminating the need for continual manual adjustments and saving up to 30% in operating costs. It offers a quicker resolution to dampness and condensation issues, coupled with more economical running expenses.