Aspen Pumps Xtra AX6002/2 4 pole isolator 32amp

Aspen Pumps Xtra AX6002/2 4 pole isolator 32amp

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Product details

Engineered for effortless installation, the Aspen Pumps Xtra isolator boasts an electrical rating of 230/415 VAC, 32A, 4 poles. Its distinctive features include a separate back plate equipped with an integrated spirit level, along with a detachable switch that streamlines the wiring process.

Key Features:

  • Separate back plate with built-in spirit level for simplified installation
  • Suitable for surface mounting with or without the back plate
  • Detachable switch for convenient wiring
  • Lockable positions for both off (up to 2 padlocks) and on (1 padlock), ensuring security against unauthorized access
  • 5 cable entry knock-outs for versatile cable management
  • Compliant with IEC 60947-3 standards
  • IP66 rating for reliable performance in both indoor and outdoor environments